Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm here.. quit you're bitching. :)

Ok.. so after being yelled at to write I am back. LOL
I would like to say that I haven't been around because I have been busy, but I can't. I have just been a little lazy.. LOL. Ok, so on to the real news... Oh wait, I don't have anything like that either.. Hmm.. let me think... Nope, nothing. Oh well, you can just all listen to me ramble for a little bit. I promise it won't turn into another fish analogy!

As usual, I will start with Steve. There actually is quite a bit of news here, but I will only touch on some things. It's really not worth my time or yours to type it all out and in the process get all pissy again. I talked to him earlier this week. I told him, again, that I was filing for divorce, and as usual he did the normal please don't but I understand thing. Yet, in the same day completely contradicted himself... will he ever learn? For his sake, I hope he does. I don't wish anyone to be single the rest of their lives, everyone needs someone. It just was not meant in any way to be us.. ha ha. He needs to grow up, realize that there are other people in this world besides him and stop being so freaking selfish.. and that's just the start of this list. And, once again, he says that he is coming in town this weekend, and again I said that I would believe it when I see it. Supposedly he has an interview for a job down here, yeah you are questioning it too huh.. Oh well..

Ok.. on to another subject. I have to thank Al and Pegs. They bugged me and bugged me until I took Jerrod to his grandparents house and hung out with them. Well, I should really say party with them instead of hang out. The only I have to say is, now I remember why I haven't drank in almost 4 years.. LOL. There was a lot of interesting things that happened that night, but I will keep those to myself.. what?, did you really expect me to tell you all about my drunkenness... lmao! No way kiddo, not to mention I have tried to block a lot of it from my memory as it is.. LOL. I will admit that, until the sickness set in, it was fun. It reminded me of my 'hay days', which was nice, but it also reminded me that I am no where near as young as I once was.. LOL. But I am thinking of doing it, not to that extreme, again soon! LOL

So, Jefferson made an appearance this weekend also, yeah I know.. busy weekend! Let me tell ya.. that man is one tall.... dark.... and fine ass man. Although he did tell me that he was moving in 2 weeks. That SUCKS! But that's ok.. I have my eye on a few more neighbors.. LOL. I did hear from Shaine yesterday, though I am not sure why. He called to say hi, literally. But, that tells me that he is thinking about me, so that's a good thing! LOL There are a couple more, but won't really mention those until something more solid happens.. LOL.

Well, that's about all folks... I will be back eventually with more!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fishing... is it really worth it?

Hello again.. So, it is now Tuesday, although it feels like a lot more time than that has passed.. lol. Let's see.. what's been going on.. hmmm... wow, nothing really. Just the usual day to day things. The only real update I have is on Jefferson. It seems he didn't move after all, he has just been working odd shifts. Although I get the distinct feeling that he's not quite as interested as he once was. Oh well, there are more fish in the sea right? Lord, I hate that saying. Why is that when a woman is single they are all these 'fish' in the sea, yet she never has the right bait? Oh, there are plenty interested in the bait, just none of them seem to take it. Why is that? But, when a woman is with one of these mysterious fish, there are fish practically jumping in the boat? Am I the only one that sees the irony in this? And to look at it from a man's point of view, when a man is single they are considered 'sharks.' So if we are to take this analogy as it is, wouldn't you think the 'sharks' would be eating the women alive? No, apparently, 'sharks' are very picky eaters. Oh well, maybe one day I will reel in the big fish and eat like a queen for the rest of my life. Then again, I've never been a big seafood fan.. hmmmm.. I wonder, could this have something to do with the famine I have expierenced for a good protion of my life? Don't get me wrong.. in my 'hayday' I could catch some pretty dayum big fish, but most of them weren't up to 'code' and I had to throw them back. Oh, what I wouldn't give for those days again....
Wow.. didn't know that I could carry on a conversation about fishing for so long did ya. Well, niether did I.. LMAO.. seeing as how I have never been fishing (the real thing) in my life! Ok, I am sure you are all just as confused as I am.. so I am going to leave you to ponder this a while.. LOL
See you at a later time and date! LOL

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Second chance for the second time?

Well, hello there and welcome back to all of my loyal readers.. Yes, all three of you.. LOL
I have been away a few days, and lord at the stories I have to tell. But I will only give you highlights as usual, seeing as though most you will probably lose interest after the first few sentence. And really, who wants to read the biography of Marci anyway.. LOL. But anyhow, on to the highlights of my life lately. :)

As usually I will start with Steve... actually as sad as it is.. I have no updates or anything of real interest on him. I haven't spoken to him since the night of our soon to be ex-anniversary. And honestly, there was nothing really interesting said that night to report either. Just the usual b.s., so moving on... LOL

So since the last time I have written there has been a new item pop up. Another neighbor has moved into the cul de sac. And interestingly enough, he is also a divorcee. So, of course being the soon to be single that I am, I introduced myself. His name is Shaine and he is pretty dayum hott... LOL. We hit it off, so we will just have to see where it goes from here. But, it does seem like we have a lot in common, and neither one of us is interested in anything serious. But, as usual, I will keep you posted.. here's praying for something more interesting than what happened with good ol' Jefferson. Speaking of Jefferson, I guess he has moved out. Seeing as how I haven't seen or heard from him in nearly two weeks. As they say, 'It was fun while it lasted.'

Again, moving on....
So Pegs, Al, Jerrod, and I went to an 'old friends' house last night. Until recently, we hadn't seen nor talked to her in a few years. I have known her since my childhood and decided to give the friendship a chance for old times sake. It seems that she has found what she needed and has made some changes for the better in her life. But as always, we will just have to see. She is now married to a nice, and might I add cute, guy and they seem to be good for each other and good together. Anyway, back to the story... We went for a little get together with the five adult and four hellyuns, and it turned out to be a really great time. Bud, her husband, cooked some damn good sea creature on the grill. The hellyuns had a good time playing together and all the adults had a great time too. I must admit, that after nearly four years of solitude due to reasons beyond my control, it was nice to be with adults and just have a good time. Nice, not to have to worry about getting home or what the other half was doing and just relax, as much as possible with Jerrod LOL, and have a good time. Maybe this will become a recurring thing, who knows.

Ok, I think by this time you have probably heard enough and are ready to be moving on to things in your on life.. LOL. Just remember to come back yah' hear? LMAO..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4,000 and 1 miles

Ok.. hold on to your hats folks, this is about to get ugly.
So today is NOT a good day. Not for any one reason, nope, but for all of them. It actually started last night. I took Jerrod to downtown Paradise to see the fireworks. (It was his first time seeing them) We went down there with the intention of meeting up with a friend, MaryLou, her husband Bill and her two kids, Collin and Paul. Well, let's just say that no one knew how to tell me how to get to where everyone was going to be, so I ended up parking 4,001 miles away. So after toting Jerrod 4,001 miles to finally find them, we get there and Jerrod decided to take a 'potty break'. Needless to say, I had to tote his very stinky butt back 4,001 miles to the car and change him. Well, that turned into an ordeal because it was EVERYWHERE! So, after getting him cleaned up as best I could, the fireworks were over and it was time to leave. Yeah right. We sat in traffic for 35 minutes before finally being able to drive the 5 minutes home. Ok.. moving on to today. (I told you it was about to get ugly) Well, first thing this morning, I wake up and realize that I didn't set my alarm and I have 7 minutes to make it to work. Yeah, ok. Not only did I still have to get dressed, get Jerrod dressed, and drive to work, I live 28 or miles from my job and Jerrod's daycare. So, needless to say, I was going to be a little late. Finally get everything in the car, including Jerrod, and go to back out. Well, for some reason there is not tension on the brake pedal.. later to find out that one of the seals on a cylinder is going out... after freaking out for a minute and then realizing that I still have brakes, I am finally on my way to work/daycare. Ok, get Jerrod dropped off and make it to work. I walk in and there are 18 (not kidding) messages for me of things that need to be done.. sounds like fun right? LOL While I am talking to boss #1 my mother calls. I answer and she so unfortunately reminds me for another reason for me to feel like a failure today, not on purpose mind you. You see, today, three years ago is when Steve and I signed into the depression that we are now in the middle of dissolving. Yeah! I am a failure! Woo hoo! (Take that as it is meant to be taken, Sarcasm) Well, from there it just gets worse. Boss #2 decides that it is time to set me off and be a complete ass. So, as you can imagine after the last 12 hours, I wasn't having any of it. I am not going to go into detail with this one, simply because I no longer have the energy...
Moving on... Still haven't heard from Jefferson in a while.. maybe he got wind that I was a failure?? Oh well.. there is another interest anyways. He is a really sweet guy, and who knows what's going to happen with it. Just keeping my mind on the tasks at hand and living life to the best of my... Oh, wait... that's too corny and a lie.. LOL. I am waking up and going with the day as it is.. no, not that one either. Here, let's try this one.. I am alive. Yeah, that about sums it up. LOL

On a side note.. I would like to give Pegs a gold star for the day. She is the 'bestest' friend a girl could have! She knew how bad of a time I have been having lately so she took me out for lunch and let me vent on her for a while! I love her to death! Thanks Pegs!!
Ok.. I am done now, well at least on here anyway.. hopefully all of you are having a better day than me! Stayed tuned.. I am sure I will have more to complain about at another time.. LMAO