Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pains and Scars

Ok... So it's been a while, but I am back. I would say that I was back and better than ever, as the saying goes, but I won't. So, let's get started with the updates.

Nothing has happened with LOMLPBG since the last time. Although I do have some interesting news, LOML called me. YEAH! Nothing real exciting, but I still get those dayum butterflies every time he calls. I can't explain it... I wish I could. I just know that every time I hear from him, whether it be in person, on the phone, or hell even an email the butterflies return. Why is that? I know that he is the love of my life and all, but shouldn't that feeling have dissipated by now? I mean, it has been since 2004 since I last saw or spoke to the man. Why does he have that pull over me? Is it because there was never really an end to our relationship? Or is it that mystical creature Cupid that keeps bringing us back together? Now, don't get me wrong.. I am not a firm believer in 'soul mates' or 'true loves', but it's kind of odd to me that no matter what we always end up finding each other... Maybe someone could help me out with this?

Moving on.... There is some news on Steve. Some might call it good, for the sake of Jerrod that is, but I call it annoying. Well, not so much annoying as just why the hell couldn't he just stay where he was and out of my life? Oh well, I guess Jerrod does need his sperm donor around for something... Haven't figured out what that something is yet, but when I do I will let you know. So, he is back in town. Yet, he hasn't made an attempt to call or see Jerrod. But did you really expect different? I sure as hell didn't. He's got a new girl to play with. Hopefully she will wise up and get away from him soon. I know who the girl is, but I have vowed to myself to stay out of it. It's not that I am the jealous ex, because believe me.. With her around that keeps him off my ass, but I just don't want to see anyone else put through what I have been through.. Does that make sense? But I know that no matter what, if I try to contact her or let her know in anyway what she is getting into, I will look like that jealous ex, so I will keep my vow and stay out of it. Oh well.. You can't save the world right?

So, as for news on me you might ask... Well there is a little bit. None of it too terribly interesting. I know for me it isn't and it's my life.. LOL. There are no new guys in the neighborhood, although Jefferson did call yesterday and say that he might be making a road trip down to see me. That would be nice, but then again why keep something going when there is really nothing there but the intimacy. We'll see I suppose. I haven't heard from Shaine recently, I did get a couple of interesting emails from him before I went in for ER surgery, but nothing since then. Oh yeah, I guess you are curious as to the ER surgery huh? Well, as with everything else, it's nothing too interesting, but I will tell you anyway.. LOL. So, August 9th started like any other day.. Get up, get me and the monkey dressed, go to school and work, go to lunch with BBE and Pegs, yet this is where is goes a little a wry. After lunch I started having some pains in the chest region. At first I was concerned, but just thought that I was too young for anything major. Granted I am not in the best shape, but nothing has ever really made me consider myself 'unhealthy.' Well, as the day wore on, the pains got worse. I finally made a call to my darling mother, she (along with one of the older ladies I work with) thought it sounded like indigestion. Let me say that I have never in my life had a case of 'indigestion' like that, but I went along with it. So a little while later, I give in. I call MDM back again, and inform her that I don't care how stupid I look or feel, but something is majorly wrong take me to the ER now. At this point, the pain has reached the level of about a 7 or 8 on the little hospital chart. So, after so rearranging of vehicles and people she gets Jerrod and then me and off to the ER we go. By the time we get there and they get me in a room, 1 hour and 45 minutes later, I am at a 11 or 12 on the stupid hospital scale. Now let me say, I have always had the impression that I have a pretty dayum high pain tolerance, so for me to get that high I was in some serious pain. So bad in fact, that I lost what lunch was left in my stomach, not that you needed or wanted to know that, but hey.. It's my blog and I will tell you and you will listen.. LOL. Back to the story... After two doctors, two nurses, an EKG, an ultrasound, and some dayum fine pain meds they discover that I have gall stones and my gall bladder is inflamed. They tell me that I have two options, either control it with pain meds on a constant basis or go ahead and have the thing taken out. Of course, remembering the pain I was in, I opt for the latter. Let me stop here and explain something.. I live in Paradise, this we all know, but did you know that Paradise is one of the smallest cities in this state? Well, now you do and what I am about to say happen will make more sense to you now that you know. As we are waiting for the docs to come back with a verdict of when I will go under the knife, the ER goes nuts.. Nurses running, docs suiting up, lights flashing... Apparently there has been a plane crash somewhere in a 543 mile radius and it is coming to this hospital. So, I get bumped, told that I will be sent home with pain meds and to call a surgeon the next day to schedule a follow up appointment. Wait... Hold the phone... You are telling me that 14 minutes ago, I was in dire need of surgery, and now you are sending me home with a 'take two tylenol and call me in the morning' prescription?? Apparently so... So, I do as I am told and go home to MDM's where AFL has Jerrod and MWF are waiting. So, this is where is gets not so interesting, so I will just give you a quick run down.. I call the doc, go in first thing Friday morning, he says it's coming out today, call all the necessary people to rearrange everything from pickups to off days, they get me prepped, take it out, I spend the night in the hospital, I go home, few days later get all 13 staples removed. And that's where we are today.. a few other thing thrown in for good measure, but .. You got it.. Nothing too exciting... LOL. I will be back eventually with more I am sure. Till then.. Have a good time and remember to tip your waitress's...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And the stallking continues...

Ok people.. I am back, yet again. I am trying to keep up with this thing better, but as you read the last time things have been CRAZY lately. I have a few updates on the LOMLPBG situation, so let's get started.

Yesterday started as a normal day, thank goodness!, and then it happened. Yep, you got it.. another page on the world's most popular personal spaces. LOMLPBG had started another page, this time not as threatening, but she took all the pictures off of my page and changed all my words around. Basically, she was trying to make it look like it was me, just me being a psycho me. And we start again. After a few emails, and name changes I finally got sick enough of the situation and gave in. Yeah, I know.. I am a wimp.. but look, I had to get a good night's sleep. I was tired of all the drama and high school BS. After that everything stopped. Jump to today.. again, another normal beginning to the day and then.... the phone rings. Who do you think it was?? Nope, not the LOMLPBG, but LOML himself. Yep, he finally logged into his personal space and found the messages. So, after trying to figure it out for a while we just kind of gave up. He is going to do some questioning of both LOMLPBG and LOMLPBEW (Love of my life's psycho bi**h ex wife), but I don't know that he will really come up with anything. It's like I told Pegs, as long as he knows what is going on and that it's not me, let him deal with the psychos! We chatted for a while, just kind of catching up on things and sharing a few memories. It was nice actually. Although I feel like I have been thrown back a few years and feel all the 'What If's' popping back in my head. Lord knows I loved this man with everything I had, but why am I still hung up on him? I have a few reasons and thoughts on the matter, but it doesn't matter. Whatever will be, will be.. right? By the way... I HATE that saying.. LOL. Everything else in my life is pretty much the same. Just thought I would stop in and give you a quick update.. I will be back soon, hopefully..LOL.. Till then.. take care all!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why is everybody always picking on me?

Yeah, yeah.. I know.. I am a bad blogger. But as you will soon see there was a good reason. Life has been, to put it mildly, crazy lately. Ok, so you are wondering why right? Well, I am going to tell you. So grab a bowl of popcorn, a nice cold drink of your choosing (Grab me a margarita while you're at it), and settle in for a nice little story. I am going to take you back, to a time not so far away (Last Wednesday nite), in the land of Paradise.

Are you ready now? .... Ok, here we go.
Last Wednesday nite, me and Jerrod went to Peggy and Al's (You should already know this if you keep up with our stuff, like everyone should.. LOL) so that I could yank Peg's thick hair through some of the smallest holes I have ever seen in my life. But, if I do say so myself, it turned out great! ::blows on fingers and rub chest to make them shine:: While we there Jerrod was acting a little strange.. Okay, stranger than usual.. LOL. I was afraid he was getting sick again, so after dinner and finishing Peg's hair we went on home. Now, fast forward to Thursday morning around 7:30 or so..... After realizing that I had once again slept through the most horrible noise in the world, the alarm clock, I got up to check on Jerrod and start our morning ritual. Let's just say there was nothing normal about this day.. After realizing that Jerrod had a fever, giving him some meds, and calling in sick to work I turned on my bring with you anywhere to get on the internet device to tell Peg's that I wouldn't be at work and to check on her hair. (It was still cooking when I left her house the night before) As usual, when I turn on my portable device I open up the yellow man instant conversation first, then to the yellow man fast letter service, and finally that place where 40,001 people go to have their pesonal lives out in space. Nothing to odd about all of that right, right.. but here is where it gets even more interesting. After pulling up the personal space page, I notice that I have a message from someone I don't know. Upon opening said message this is what I find: "I WIN!!!!, See you haven't made it out the poor house yet." Ok, when you figure out what that means would someone please let me know, because I have NO idea! So, not knowing who it is from or having any clue what it means I click on the little thing that takes me to that person's personal space. What I find there not only disturbs me to my core, but scares me. I am not going to go into details with this because, honestly, I don't want to go there again. But let's just say that it wasn't very nice. In fact, most people would take it as a threat. Me, being most people, took it exactly that way and called in the troops. Meaning I called my loverly cousin with the local serve and protect people and told her about it. Of course, she made it a point to have someone there and, well.. I am sure you can figure it out from there. Skipping a little forward here to that afternoon... After writing the psycho back and forth a couple of times.. not to mention the wonderful job done by the Best Friends Detective Agency.. I was finally able to guess who it was... I am going to take you back even further right now to kind of explain some things before I go on with the story. Jump back to the year 2000... Are ya with me?
At this time in my life I was hanging around a lot of different people than I do now. Just to give you a run down real quick... Peg's- before she met Al; Megan- friend that has known me for 15 years; BTF- Best Texas Friend; and BTFH- A fore mentioned's then hubby, no longer so, also known as Shaine.. yes, the same one. BTF and BTFH had a lot of parties that I attended and we all became really good friends. At one of these parties BTFH decided that I would make the perfect rebound girl for a friend of his who was recently seperated. So, he introduced us. From that point on, it was the four of us everywhere. Wayne, LOML, was his name and it was lust at first sight, which turned into more later on. We dated, off and on, for 3 1/2 years and have always remained friends regardless of the situation. Recently, on the world's most popular personal space, he found me again. ::Note- I had not seen or spoken to him before that since the year 2004:: And this is where I jump back into the story... With me?
Here we go...
So, after figuring out that it was Tammy, LOMLPBG, I couldn't help but think.. Why is the chick so freaked out by the fact that we are talking? I mean it is just talking, nothing funny, just catching up on the past couple of years of our lives. Even funnier is the fact that she threatened me and the well being of my child when they are 6 STATES AWAY! Yeah, you heard me.. 6 STATES AWAY!! How psychotic and jealous do you have to be to be worried about a girl that you're current man hasn't seen in two years and is 467,982 miles away??? I ask you.. to me, it just doesn't make sense. Although, I will admit, it does make a girl feel proud that she can cause that much jealousy.. Dayum I'm good.. LOL (Soooo just kidding) That is part of the reason I have been away for a while.. on to the next part of the story.

So Saturday night, as you know by reading Peg's blog, there was a boxing match. Of course I had to go and watch it seeing as how Roy Jones Jr. is a local boy, and not too mention HOTT!! So we went.. ahhh you caught that did ya. Yes, we. Me and Jefferson. Yeah, that's right.. Jefferson. We had a good time. Which is a good thing seeing as how he leaves in a week or so. After watch Al and the wafer like boy fight it out for a while, we took off back to our part of Paradise. Nothing too exciting to talk about here, but I am glad I got to spend time with him before he leaves. Yet another reason I have been away.. moving on.

So, amazingly enough.. Steve told the truth! Shocker, huh? Yeah, that's the way I felt too.. He did come in town this past weekend like he said he was going to. We met for breakfast Sunday morning so we could pass Jerrod from one parental unit to, well the absent parent. Wasn't all that bad, but it really confirmed for me that it was so over with us. Oh, live and learn right? That night when he brought Jerrod back was when it was interesting. He stayed around while I got Jerrod ready for bed and then wanted to 'talk.' So we talked, or rather I talked and he cried. It really was sad, but like I told him.. I don't feel sorry for you that you are crying. You brought this all upon yourself. I didn't know what else to tell him. I did also tell him that he should have felt like this 2 or so years ago, and then maybe things wouldn't have gone so bad between us. Oh well.. life goes on.

So.. that's been what's going on in my life.. pretty interesting if I say so myself. But, I would hope that things go back to the norm real quick. Funny isn't it? When life is boring we want excitement, when life is exciting we want it calm again.. Guess it's true what they say.. No one is ever truly and completely happy. So, until next time fans.. I'm gone.