Monday, March 26, 2007

Ha ha ha, I'm so funny.... At times.

I have a myspace page. It's not a big secret, I have talked about it before. I mainly use it to stay in touch with friends from high school or friends in general that no longer live in the area, though I must admit that sometimes I use it to keep my self from falling asleep do to boredom. Today was one of those days... about once a week or so I go through all of the bulletins. I read all the funny or stupid jokes that people post, and from time to time I fill out a survey or two. Well, today was one of those days. It is Monday, and everyone is where they are supposed to be here at work and I have caught up on all the work I had sitting around. I logged onto my myspace and started reading some of the bulletins. I noticed one labeled 'Can you answer 27 questions about your #1 friend?' If you don't know anything about myspace (That is if you have been under a rock for the past year or so.. lol), you have a friends list that you can put the people you choose to show off on. Of course being the loving friend that I am, Peg is my number one spot. So I decided to fill it out.

Here is the survey and my answers:

1) What's this person’s name?

2) Do you trust them?
With everything

3) Where did you meet them?
Tom Thumb.. lol

4) How old were you when you first met them?

5) Is this person one of your best friends?
Yes'm she is

7) Is this person older than you?
No, I'm older by 8 months

8) When was the last time you saw this person?
About an hour ago at lunch

9) Do you miss them?
Not at the moment.. but I did this past weekend.

10) Are you related to this person?
Not by blood, but in heart yes

12) Do you have nicknames for this person?
Yep... Pegs or Baby Girl

13) Is that person bringing sexy back?
Hell yeah! LOL

14.) Do you think this person will repost this?
Maybe, if she is as bored at work as I am

15) Could you live with this person?
I do

16) Why is this person #1 on your top friends?
Becuase she is my sis and I love her!

17) Have you seen this person cry?
Many times..

18) Do you know this persons middle name?
Sure do.. oh, you want to know? Nah, you will have to ask her about that.. I happen to value you my life thank you. :D

19) Do you two do everything together?
Generally.. lol

20) Doing anything tonight?
Nothing more than usual I am sure..

21) If so, what?
Maybe play volleyball.. lol

24) Does this person have a bf/gf?
No, but she has her husband

25) Can this person drive?
Well that's a difficult question... she has her liscence but that doesn't mean she can drive per say.. lol

26)Do you love this person?
With everything I am! *muah*

Not bad right? Yeah, I didn't think so... but I messaged her and this is the conversation that followed...

Me: i'm so funny.. ok well at times anyway. lol

Peg: what'd you do

Me: survey about my number one.. which is you..

Me: 18) Do you know this persons middle name?
Sure do.. oh, you want to know? Nah, you will have to ask her about that.. I happen to value you my life thank you.

Peg: lmao

Me: 25) Can this person drive? Well that's a difficult question... she has her liscence but that doesn't mean she can drive per say.. lol

Peg: asshole

Me: lmao

I don't think she found as much humor in that as I did.. he he he he. Good thing she loves me! Trust me, I keep reminding her of that! :D

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here me is!

I am back... although not for any lengthy post. I have a lot to share, and I promise I will when I have the time! For now though, Pegs and I found this little challenge over at Pink Shoe Diaries. We thought it looked fun so of course we did it too!

Challenge: Put together a cute ensemble for a party, for under $50.00. It must include at least clothes and shoes but if you want to try for a matching handbag and jewelry like she did then by all means do it!

Here is my ensemble:

Dress from Old Navy- $32.50

Shoes from Payless- $9.99 (Adorable!)

Necklace from Claire's Accessories- $6.50 (So cute isn't it!!?!)

Total for all- $48.99

Yay! I did it!! And I happen to think it's a pretty cute outfit! If you guys want to do this challenge feel free! Just let me know if you did so I can look at yours!! Until then...

Monday, March 05, 2007

A day in the life...

Being the emotional train wreck that I tend to be sometimes, do you ever wonder what it would be like to spend a day with me. Well thanks to Peg and Al, and my oh so cute Pink Razr, I am going to give you a little glimpse. Please don’t mistake this one day as a ‘typical’ day, but it is one that tends to happen from time to time. Yesterday my mom picked up Jerrod for some quality Nona and Jerrod time, and being that it was Kelly’s weekend to be with her womb donor Pegs, Al, and my self were left kid less. It was a great feeling! And probably a very needed break for me, and hell them too. I know what a pain in the ass Jerrod can be from time to time! After much enjoyment of the complete and utter silence and much discussion we decided to all get ready and go to breakfast somewhere. We head out to our local Denny’s, only to find that everyone and their mother in Paradise had decided that they were in the mood for Denny’s also. After very little deliberation of whether we wanted breakfast that badly or not, we headed over to…

It was my first time in Bennegians (FYI: It's kind of like an Irish pub mixed with an American grill), and I must say that although the atmosphere was pretty good, I was not terribly impressed with the food nor service, but I can be pretty picky with that kind of stuff. With that being said, let me explain the interesting points of this experience. As we first walk in the door to be seated, this woman (whom I can only assume was a manager of some sorts) greets us and then looks directly at my chest and says ‘Looks like you have been in the sun, you have a slight redness on your chest. It’s such a beautiful day isn’t it?’ Of course I ask myself, why was she looking at me chest? Eh… oh well. As we sit down the crazy, I mean the waitress comes over and one of the first things out of her mouth was ‘Wow, I am so glad I finally got some sleep last night!’, why would she tell us this? Again… oh well. We all decide that yes, even though it is barely noon, we need a drink. Al gets a Guinness, I get a daiquiri (which was absolutely disgusting, because the mix had soured… needless to say it was sent back), and Peg gets this…

Pretty isn’t it? It’s called a Barney Blast, or something to that effect. It is a combination of Peach Vodka, Mango Vodka, and Blue Caraco, blended together like a daiquiri. Needless to say Peg LOVED it. So much in fact that she had two! I love my girl, really I do, but alcohol is not her strong suit. At that point we decided we better get some food. Everything was great, but what was even better was what I had for dessert. It was some kind of chocolate, caramel, vanilla ice cream, warm brownies, and whip cream thing. I really couldn’t tell you, because after the first bite I was too concerned with eating it to tell you what all I was eating…. It was literally sex in a bowl. You have got to try one!

After lunch, Pegs and I wanted to go for a pedicure. It has been forever since I had one, not to mention I have never had the ‘Spa Treatment’ kind. (Oh so hooked on those from now on!!) We convinced (connived, pushed, threatened, flat out told him) Al that he wanted to get his feet done too. People, I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life as I did for the 30 to 45 minutes we were there. Not only did they have to shave off about a pound of dead skin, but he got the most beautiful… well just see for your selves.

Yes, Al.. I realize that at some point you are either going to kill me or I will be walking around with 'Sinep Evol I' or some other ridiculous saying, somewhere on me, but I think I have some to the conclusion that it might be worth it.

It's kind of hard to tell by this picture, but he actually got a french paint and even a beautiful flower to accent it. It really is quite adorable.

So there you go people, a day in the life of me. Not all that interesting most of the time, but dayum does it have it's moments!! Oh what I wouldn't give to relive that day over! *muah*