Monday, April 30, 2007

She lives, not to be confuse with 'She Bangs'

Hey guys, I am alive. I'm sorry I haven't been around! Between Jerrod getting sick, all the job interviews I have been going on, and the weekend adventures the Bundy's and I have been taking I haven't sat down and written anything in a while. So, here I am with an update... it might be long so be prepared.

Since the last time I wrote anything, I officially lost my job. It's still sad to me, but there's nothing I can really do about it. Regardless of how imperial I happen to think I am, I am the most expendable position there. Yes, I might keep the bills paid and the money coming in, but if it wasn't for the other guys there would be no bills or money to bring in. I have been to numerous job interviews and feel confident that I will find something soon. I was actually offered a job that starts next Monday. It's a great job, don't get me wrong, but I don't know that it can become a permanent thing with me and the situation I am in. The job is an office management/data entry position with one of our local blood banks, but the hours are crazy. One day I could go in at 4 am and not get off until 7 or 8 pm, and then the next day work a regular 8-5 shift. It's a wonderful opportunity and I am stoked that I was one they choose, I just worry that I would never get to see Jerrod and relying on the people that are going to have to help me with him is going to get hard for me. We will see though, because I am going to try it until I can either work these issues out or find something else.

As for Jerrod, he is good... now. Last week I got a call from his day care saying that he had a rash that started on his chest and back then went down to his legs. Needless to say he had appointment with the doctor's the first thing the next morning. Did you know that having Strep throat will sometimes present itself in the form of a rash and fever? Yeah, me either. (Although, after speaking with my mother to tell her what he had been diagnosed with she informed me that myself and my aunt both carry a rash when we have had Strep... apparently it runs in the family.) But, that's what it was. We are now on day 5 of antibiotics and finally back in school and so far so good. Other than that, I have recently found out what a flirt and heartbreaker my son is. I will start with the pictures Peg, Al, and I had made of the kids. We all know that we each feel that our child/children is/are the most adorable in the world, and I am no different. To me, my son is not only adorable, but handsome as well. Not to mention the pride I have in Kelly; she is a beautiful and adorable girl. So of course when we go to have pictures made (See picture further down) we expected to have the photographer to fall all over them, and they did, but it was at this point that my son for the first time expressed his flirtatious abilities and ‘Mr. Personality’ ways. He told the photographer that she was cute and continued to flirt throughout all of the pictures. Every time we go to a store or a drive-thru he has to make sure that he has the undivided attention of the checkout girl or attendant. (Yes, this is only with women/girls, he will only wave and say hi to the guys.) Tonight at a locally owned restaurant he boldly, and not to mention loudly, told our waitress that she was his ‘Girl,’ and continued this throughout the dinner. I will let you draw your own conclusion from what I have said, and the fact that last week as I picked him up from daycare, I was told that he must come from an affectionate family. As I pondered this and asked them what they meant, they told me that he had kissed not one, but two girls that day. Oh the fun I have to look forward to.

How adorable can two kids be??!?! (What? I warned you I was biast.)

As for everything else, it’s still pretty much the same. Steve is still as non-existent as my love life. Life with the Bundy’s is still better than I could have imagined and going well. Well except for the camping trip I was treated to a couple of weekends ago. Let me just say this, I LOVE camping. I always have, and I look for opportunities to go when I can. I am going to let Peg explain the experience itself, but I will tell you one thing. If you decide spur of the moment that camping sounds like a fun idea for a night with no kids, make sure you have everything you need. That’s all I’m saying.

Hope all of you are well!! I promise I will get around to reading and catching up with all of you! Thank you for those that left me sweet messages of concern and encouragement! This is normally where I would say that I am going to try to keep up with this better, but I am not going to do that this time. Maybe that will make it more likely to happen. J

Till next time… *muah*

Monday, April 09, 2007

What Goes Around...

Hey all! I am still here. First of all let me say thank you for all the kind words I have received. Secondly, I guess you are all wondering what is going on, huh? Well, I was surprisingly told on Thursday morning that the company I work for will be closing it's doors in the near future. I knew that the company wasn't doing all that well, but I was not under the impression that it was that close to going under. I love my job, I really do. I have a great boss, great peers, and flexibility. Granted I don't make all that much, there is no insurance, or paid days off, I love (Read: I HEART MY JOB!) it as is. I am given credit when credit is due, my opinions are valued and sought after, and I get to tell a bunch of grown ass men what to do all day long. I was actually very lucky to get the job. I originally started out with a different company that shared an office with the company I am with now. The owner, who would become my now boss, was impressed with my knowledge and adaptability, how I quickly changed the way the other company was running to a more efficient way, and my quick wit. He eventually came to me and asked me to join him and become his secretary. Of course my response was: "I'm not a secretary. I, for what you want me to do for you and your business, am an Office Manager." Of course that just sealed the deal, he loved that I spoke my mind and was honest, with a good humor to boot. In the beginning it was just me and him, over time we brought on five more employees. Like I said, I knew we weren't doing good, but what 'new' company does in the first two years? Well as of next Friday, I will no longer be working for him, nor his company. I am extremely sad about this. More than I am willing to show him at the moment for fear of upsetting him. But what I have found out over the last few days is that when he has spoken with a few of the companies here in town that we deal with on a regular basis they have all asked about me. Apparently an Office Manager that knows what they are doing, has stability and is willing to actually do their job is a rarity here in Paradise. Not to mention that they have been continually impressed with me and my work ethic over the last few years we have all worked together. Yay me! That made me feel that while I do sometimes loathe certain aspects of my job, I am doing a good job at what I do! It hasn't all been in vain! So keep me in your thoughts that I get another job before I have to leave my beloved company that I am with now! I will keep you updated as I am in the know.

PS- Next post I will update you all on the divorce and lawyer situation! Bet you all can't wait!! He he he

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's that time

Hey ya'll this is Peg, it's not my place to say what's going on right now, but I thought you all need to know...Marci needs lots of love and support right now.

So show her some love, okay!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Meme time

I found this Meme on a random blog and thought it was different and interesting. You can tag as many or as little people as you like. I am choosing four that I think their answer would be not only hilarious, but interesting as well. So... Peg, Deb (Fresh Air Lover), Queenie (Queen of Mayhem), and Mist 1 (To do: 1. Get Hobby; 2. Floss) show me what you got!

1) Wow! Snakes on a Plane was a great movie!
2) I'm so glad I'm broke.
3) I love Sanjaya!
4) I hate reality T.V. (Sad... yes, I know.)

1) Beautiful Disaster, Kelly Clarkson
2) You Deserve Much Better Than Me, Hinder
3) U + Ur Hand, Pink
4) What this Woman Needs, SHeDaisy

1) Sleeping in late.
2) Driving to the river with the windows and sunroof down and the music blasting.
3) Going in the canoe with the gang (minus the kids, hey everyone needs a day off).
4) Completely relaxing, sipping on fruity drinks, talking and singing at the top of our lungs, and watching the sunset. (No one ever accused me of being high maintenance.)

1) Chaotic Rebels
2) Faw-q
3) The Snoring Fingers (LMAO... story behind that one.)
4) Reign of Innocence
5) That Other Band

1) Livin' La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin
2) Macerena, some foreign group
3) Barbie Girl, Aqua
(There is so many more, but it said only three! Sorry world!)

***Update: Doh, I'm such an idiot! I meant to tag VB (Virginia Belle) also, she was the main one I thought about when I was tagging! Sorry VB! Have fun everyone, and let me know if you guys do this so I can link to you! *muah*

Monday, April 02, 2007

Men vs..... Me

Yes, I have a beautiful face. Yes, I have an outstanding personality. Yes, I have a sex drive like you wouldn’t believe. Yes, I also have a sense of humor that is admired by many. So why is that when you see or experience all of these qualities you like what I am, yet when I tell you or you find out that I am a ‘thick’ girl I am no longer good enough for you?

I will never understand that. I will never understand that while I have beautiful features, glowing personality, and a sense of humor that I am not good enough for 85% of the population of men. Aren’t these the qualities that men supposedly look for in a woman? Or is it what they just tell us they look for? I am thinking it is the latter. According to three articles I have read recently, there are seven important things that a guys looks for:

1. Men want a fun and exciting companion.

2. Men want great sex (consistent, frequent, and passionate lovemaking score high with men).

3. Men want to share meals with their woman companion (especially when she cooks for him).

4. Men want you to support them in their work and boost their confidence.

5. Men want you to look great, keep in shape, and express confidence about your body.

6. Men want you to listen to them and treat them with respect.

7. Men need private time, to unwind, to engage in sports and hobbies, and to spend time with other men.

My take on the seven:

1. Out of all of my girlfriends, I am the only I know that is willing to get dirty in the woods, camp without a ‘bathroom’, try things like sky diving, and go to live sporting events. To me that would all qualify as fun and exciting.

2. As I have said before, and will continue to say, I am a sex goddess. Yes, I know that might sound a little cocky or conceited, but when you are good at something you can’t help but be that way. Not only do I have the sex drive of an 15 pubescent teenage boy, but I am tri-sexual… or in lamen’s terms, I am willing to ‘try’ anything once. What can I say? I love sex, period.

3. Ok, I will admit this is not one of my strong points. Granted I love food, but anyone that knows me knows that I cook only three or four things well. And two out of those four would not make a good meal. But I would be more than willing to try and learn if I had the gumption to. To be honest, there is only one thing I make extremely well…. Reservations!

4. This is where one of my main downfalls lands. I am supportive of not only my beau’s career and activities, but also of him. In every aspect of his life, almost to a fault. I have been known to downplay my wants or needs to make my man feel good about things that might be going in his life. Don’t take this wrong, I am not a puppy dog nor do I give up my life, but I do make sure they know what they mean to me and that they are doing great in whatever it is they are doing.

5. Now granted that we all know that I am a ‘bigger’ girl, I have confidence like you wouldn’t believe. There are a few things on my body that I am not comfortable with, but I don’t let that come across all that often. Even though I am a bigger girl, I am not one of the ones you see running around in daisy dukes and tube tops. I know how to dress fashionably and sexy for my size. My theory is just because they happen to make a particular fashion in my size doesn’t mean that I should wear it. (Pay attention ladies… this might come in handy for some of you. You know who you are… )

6. This answer relates to my answer in number four. I love to just listen to people, it is one of my favorite things to do. Not only does it help them in whatever way it is that they need it, but it makes me feel like I am helping and needed. I have yet to figure out if this is a bad thing or not.

7. I am all about my private time or girl’s time, and have always given equal opportunity to my guy with his private or boy’s time. I am a firm believer that you don’t need or have to spend every waking moment with someone for a relationship to work. Hell, there are times in every one’s life where they would kill to have alone time, whether it be from their significant other, child, friends, or family. So why make it a big deal if your man wants some alone time? I have never understood why some women get all uptight about this.

So if you read what men are ‘looking’ for and then read the qualities that I posses based on that, you would think that I would have men lining up at the door, right? Yeah, I would think so too, but that’s not how it is. Why, you may ask. Well, I have yet to figure that out, but my main thought for a reason is that I am not, in any way, shape, or form, your typical girly-girl. I am not a size 2 or even a 12, and probably never will be. I don’t spend hours getting ready or primping, and never will. I am not shy and demure, quite the opposite actually. But I do love myself, 99% of the time anyway. I take care of myself, and dress the part when the time is right, or if I simply feel like it. I am quite outgoing and love to have fun, even if it is at my expense. So, why does the fact that I am bigger girl scare men away? I’m still me, that’s never going to change, why can’t they just accept that?