Monday, April 30, 2007

She lives, not to be confuse with 'She Bangs'

Hey guys, I am alive. I'm sorry I haven't been around! Between Jerrod getting sick, all the job interviews I have been going on, and the weekend adventures the Bundy's and I have been taking I haven't sat down and written anything in a while. So, here I am with an update... it might be long so be prepared.

Since the last time I wrote anything, I officially lost my job. It's still sad to me, but there's nothing I can really do about it. Regardless of how imperial I happen to think I am, I am the most expendable position there. Yes, I might keep the bills paid and the money coming in, but if it wasn't for the other guys there would be no bills or money to bring in. I have been to numerous job interviews and feel confident that I will find something soon. I was actually offered a job that starts next Monday. It's a great job, don't get me wrong, but I don't know that it can become a permanent thing with me and the situation I am in. The job is an office management/data entry position with one of our local blood banks, but the hours are crazy. One day I could go in at 4 am and not get off until 7 or 8 pm, and then the next day work a regular 8-5 shift. It's a wonderful opportunity and I am stoked that I was one they choose, I just worry that I would never get to see Jerrod and relying on the people that are going to have to help me with him is going to get hard for me. We will see though, because I am going to try it until I can either work these issues out or find something else.

As for Jerrod, he is good... now. Last week I got a call from his day care saying that he had a rash that started on his chest and back then went down to his legs. Needless to say he had appointment with the doctor's the first thing the next morning. Did you know that having Strep throat will sometimes present itself in the form of a rash and fever? Yeah, me either. (Although, after speaking with my mother to tell her what he had been diagnosed with she informed me that myself and my aunt both carry a rash when we have had Strep... apparently it runs in the family.) But, that's what it was. We are now on day 5 of antibiotics and finally back in school and so far so good. Other than that, I have recently found out what a flirt and heartbreaker my son is. I will start with the pictures Peg, Al, and I had made of the kids. We all know that we each feel that our child/children is/are the most adorable in the world, and I am no different. To me, my son is not only adorable, but handsome as well. Not to mention the pride I have in Kelly; she is a beautiful and adorable girl. So of course when we go to have pictures made (See picture further down) we expected to have the photographer to fall all over them, and they did, but it was at this point that my son for the first time expressed his flirtatious abilities and ‘Mr. Personality’ ways. He told the photographer that she was cute and continued to flirt throughout all of the pictures. Every time we go to a store or a drive-thru he has to make sure that he has the undivided attention of the checkout girl or attendant. (Yes, this is only with women/girls, he will only wave and say hi to the guys.) Tonight at a locally owned restaurant he boldly, and not to mention loudly, told our waitress that she was his ‘Girl,’ and continued this throughout the dinner. I will let you draw your own conclusion from what I have said, and the fact that last week as I picked him up from daycare, I was told that he must come from an affectionate family. As I pondered this and asked them what they meant, they told me that he had kissed not one, but two girls that day. Oh the fun I have to look forward to.

How adorable can two kids be??!?! (What? I warned you I was biast.)

As for everything else, it’s still pretty much the same. Steve is still as non-existent as my love life. Life with the Bundy’s is still better than I could have imagined and going well. Well except for the camping trip I was treated to a couple of weekends ago. Let me just say this, I LOVE camping. I always have, and I look for opportunities to go when I can. I am going to let Peg explain the experience itself, but I will tell you one thing. If you decide spur of the moment that camping sounds like a fun idea for a night with no kids, make sure you have everything you need. That’s all I’m saying.

Hope all of you are well!! I promise I will get around to reading and catching up with all of you! Thank you for those that left me sweet messages of concern and encouragement! This is normally where I would say that I am going to try to keep up with this better, but I am not going to do that this time. Maybe that will make it more likely to happen. J

Till next time… *muah*


Peg (wishes Paradise had a "spring" season) said...

Yeah, those are some adorable kids....I'm just saying.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

They are precious!

I hope you find a good job soon!

Hang in there girl!

It looks to me like you got the best part of Steve anyway! Jerrod is a doll!

Alicia said...

Oh, I HATE weird working hours!
I found out I was pregnant right after my husband got out of the Navy, so he had to work at Home Depot to get the insurance... and it was so awful.
He'd stay until 11pm, then have a 5 am shift in the morning! Poor guy was like a walking zombie for 8 months!

He knew better than to complain, though...
I was pregnant.
I was nausious and fat and tired!

Okay, minus the nausious part not much has changed...