Monday, September 17, 2007

Strength in Numbers

Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!

~Amanda Bradley

(Marci, H.P., Peg, Ya-Ya (Peg's Mom))

Monday, September 10, 2007

Updates.... and of course more promises.. lol

Hello to all, I don't really know that many of you still read this but if you do here are some updates. I have had a lot going on in my life in the last month or so and have hardly had the time to breathe, let alone blog about it all. As I predicted in my last post, the job didn't last. What I didn't mention in the last post, was that I had been warned before taking the job, that the girls I were going to be working with were not verry east to get a long with. I should have paid a little more attention to that warning, because I was thrown under the bus to take a fall that was not my fault. Needless to say, I was let go. It was definitly a blow, but I have another job. I have to say, although the money sucks, the job is good. I like everyone that I work with and get respect when deserved. That means a lot to me, as I am usually the one that goes out of my way to do things that are not nesscarilly apart of my job, but I know that need to be done. Don't get me wrong I don't look for the accalades, but it is nice to know that what I have done has been noticed. Cross your fingers for me that this one will last a while.

Jerrod is Jerrod. Nothing to much has changed with him. Well, let me take that back... one major change has been made. We are FINALLY POTTY TRAINED!! YAY!! Fully and completely! He has only had one accident in the past three months! I am so proud of him, yet at the same time, it's a little blow too. He's growing up more and more, and not only can I not stop it, but there are people that have missed the past two years with him and can't replace all these accomplishments he's made. Those are the ones I feel sorry for. I am sad that he is growing up, but at least I have these memories to look back upon and remember the way he was.

As you can probably see from that statement above... there has been no change to the Steve situation. He is still non-existant. And to be honest with you, I am over it. I am over letting it hurt me, over being pissed and upset about it, and definatly over trying to get him to be involved. As I have said, and now believe in, he is the one that is going to have to answer to all the missed times and years in the end, not me.

I do have some semi good news about my ever so lonely love life. I don't want to jinx it by talking about it too much, but I have found a really sweet guy. I think there is something there, and hope that it works out. He's adorable, funny, sweet, romantic, and understanding. Not to mention a very good kisser. >big smiles<

I am hoping that September is going to be my turning point. I have made a lot of new decisions this month and let go of a lot of old ones. Thanks to Pegs (and a few others), I think I really might be able to turn over this leaf and keep it over this time. I have learned a little bit about me in the past week or so, and am going to try my damndest to keep going with it and keep the promises I have made. Not only to a few very special people, but mostly to myself.

Hope this finds everyone doing well!! Now that I am on a more steady schedule and things are starting to relax again, I am going to try to update more often. Yeah, yeah I know.. I have said it all before, but here's to hoping. :)